Spike Milligan Performance Horse Consultancy offers a wide range of services which can be tailored to any individual requirements. Spike is also in attendance at many of the leading British three-day events to support his clients and see the horses in action. You’ll find more information about the services offered below, but please drop us a line if you are on the hunt for something you can’t see here or would like more information.

Performance Consultancy

Spike’s performance consultancy delivers a holistic approach to managing the performance horse, regardless of the level they are competing at, to ensure that they are able to compete at close to their genetic potential. This includes orthopaedic assessment to identify low-grade problems that require managing to ensure peak performance and reduce the risk of more serious injuries. Spike also specialises in the diagnosis and management of respiratory issues and the other common medical problems which present in performance horses. His approach is collaborative and open, meaning that he is able to bring together all members of your support team to work together for a common goal – performance.

Diagnosis, Treatment and Rehabilitation

Spike Milligan Performance Horse Consultancy boasts state-of-the-art mobile diagnostic equipment including the Equinosis Lameness Locator System and utilises an array of modern treatment methods that can be manufactured and administered stable side, such as stem cell therapy, PRP, Pro-Stride and Alpha2EQ. Spike develops bespoke rehabilitation programmes working in collaboration with the rest of the horse’s support team such as the farrier, physiotherapist and chiropractor or osteopath. Spike is experienced in working with dedicated equine therapy centres where horses can use the most modern of rehabilitation equipment such as water treadmills or swimming.

Suitability for Purchase Examinations

Spike is available to carry out pre-purchase exams on horses competing in all disciplines, from young horses to those competing at the highest level of their respective sports. He takes great pride in providing a professional service that is bespoke to the purchaser, so that their individual needs and requirements for the horse’s intended use is the driving force of the purchase. That might be the desire to win medals, produce horses to sell or be on the hunt a hedge-hopping companion. Whatever the end aim, Spike will use state-of-the-art mobile digital x-ray, ultrasound, endoscopy and further diagnostic imaging to get the full picture needed.

Assessment of Radiographs

An extra, expert pair of eyes is often invaluable when assessing radiographs. Spike is available to offer his opinion on x-rays to bring greater information and understanding, whether that is to determine a treatment plan or when assessing suitability for purchase. He has extensive experience in the reading of sales radiographs and able to provide clients with an understanding of future risk, both for clinical limitations for the horse and also for future re-sale.

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